Celcom Rolls Out 5G Surveillance System at Langkawi Port

After deploying 5G connected 360-degree 4K CCTV at tourist spots in Langkawi, Celcom has rolled out 5G Digital Boundary Control to increase border security at Langkawi Port. The system offers a digital view of the Langkawi Port surroundings with multiple 360-degree 4K live cameras.

The high-resolution cameras will take advantage of the 5G’s low latency and high-data speeds as the system is connected to an AI-assisted video analytics software. According to Celcom, the deployed cameras can boost border security to prevent smuggling and theft. It also uses thermal imaging to monitor flammable areas and real-time monitoring for unattended cargo and vehicles that have parted from the island beyond the allowed time limit, to minimise potential revenue leakages. The deployment is done in collaboration with Langkawi Port Authority and Dermaga Tanjung Lembung.

Celcom CEO, Idham Nawawi said “Our 5G Digital Boundary Control enables an enhanced security and safety monitoring system for port authorities to carry out daily operations seamlessly, thus transforming and creating various new opportunities that would benefit both the rakyat and the nation. As we continue to explore many more 5G use-cases that enterprises, authorities, private and public sectors can take advantage of, we welcome more collaborations across the industry to explore and innovate 5G technology and services.”

Celcom’s 5G network at the duty-free island utilises 5G New Radio technology with C-band spectrum and Massive MIMO 64T64R. Apart from digital surveillance, the blue telco is also expanding its 5G use cases to cover Crowd Control Monitoring, Geo-Fencing & Smart Perimeters and 5G Fixed Wireless Access.


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